Name Change in Passport | Passport Name Correction | Sur Name Change | Name Change After Marriage.

A Name change in passport or correcting a passport name can be a bit complicated. Changes in names and surnames can be made in Indian passports. Another reason for name changes is after marriage.

What you will need for a name change in your passport is explained in this article. We will discuss passport application mistakes corrections at the end of this blog. Keep reading to learn more.

Passports are an essential part of travel for most individuals. Furthermore, passport holders may experience inconvenience if any of their current information does not match. An example is if the name on the passport changes. For example, people change their names after getting married. Passports must also include the change in order to be legitimate. Because of this, there are a lot of people who want to change their names on their passports.

Contact us for assistance. Here, I will explain in detail how to change your name on an Indian passport or correct your passport.

Some reasons why people change their names on Indian passports in India include:Name Change in Passport

Listed below are the most common reasons for changing your name on a passport application.

  • After Marriage: Changing names or surnames
  • after remarrying
  • a divorced person
  • under any other circumstance

All cases mentioned above will be discussed one by one. You will find them all here.

What Documents are Required to Correct a Passport Name?

For Indian passports, documents vary depending on the reason for changing names. After that, the processes are similar. We’ve listed some of the documents required for each situation.

How to change the name on an Indian passport after marriage

When a couple gets married, the name or surname on their passport needs to be changed. They must also present the following documents along with their passport application. The following documents must be brought with them (to the passport office):

  • A copy of their husband’s passport (if applicable).

Their original marriage certificate, attested by themselves.
(*The marriage certificate should be issued by a Registrar of Marriages office.
OR,  An affidavit of mutual consent should be attached with a joint photograph printed on a non-judicial stamp paper (Annexure ‘D’).

How Do You Change a Passport Name After Divorce?

It is possible, after divorce, for a woman to change her passport name or remove her spouse’s name after divorce. These documents must also be submitted in addition to a passport application. The following documents should be brought to their passport appointment:

  • Divorce decree with a certification.
  • A Notary’s decree/sworn affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper (Annexure-E).

Changing a name on a passport after remarriage requires the following documents.

List of Documents Required to Change Name in Passport After Remarriage

Remarried women may wish to change their names on their passports. The following documents must also be submitted along with the current Passport Application. In-person at the Passport Office.

  • In the event of divorce or death, a divorce decree or death certificate.
  • If the husband is alive, a copy of his passport.
  • Photograph of the marriage certificate with the self-attestation.

Marriage certificates must be issued by the Registrar of Marriages or they must contain the Joint Affidavit of Husband and Wife with a photocopy of their joint wedding certificate (Annexure D).

All other passport name change reasons require the following documents

Anyone who wishes to change his or her name in their passport (surname or both names and surnames) for any reason. At the time of the passport appointment, the following documents must be submitted:

  • A notary public must sign the deed/sworn affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper (Annexure ‘E’) of minimum value.
  • Publication of an ad regarding your name change in at least two daily newspapers. You must submit ads from your hometown.

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