To apply for a kids’ passport in India, do both parents need to be present?

Indian citizens rely on their passports for travel. Indian citizens do not have the option of traveling outside of the country without a passport, and because a passport is considered a legal identifying document in our country. It is used in our country as a legal document for verifying identity since it contains information such as a person’s name, date of birth, address, and other identifying information.

The following are some details you need to know in order to obtain a passport for your child.

How can you obtain a child’s passport ?

It is important that if you are taking your child abroad on a family trip, he has a valid passport on him in order to travel.

This can be accomplished by following the passport issuance process for kids. Nevertheless, you might find that the procedure to follow is a bit overwhelming given that you will have to visit the passport agency several times to learn about the passport issuance procedure and arrange the documents. So you do not have to worry about taking care of all this on your own, we will make it easy for you. If you do not want to manage all this by yourself, you can always look for help from us.

All you need to do is show up for your scheduled interview along with your child after we assist you with the required documents and schedule your appointment.

Must both parents be present for the interview?

The passport application along with the required documents and Annexure H should be submitted if both parents are available to visit the PSK for the passport issuance for their kids.

The passport can still be issued even if one of the parents is not available, under certain circumstances. Rather than Annexure H, you’d be required to submit Annexure G in that situation.

Therefore, single parents can also apply and have their applications accepted. You can still seek assistance from a passport agent if you need it. You can easily find a passport agent near me by searching the web with the search term passport agent near me. Simply find an agent who is rated highly and contact them.

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