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We will take care of everything for you so that you can get your PASSPORT as quickly as possible. We are a specialist agency with years of experience in helping thousands of people get their PASSPORTs on time and correctly.

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24/7 Support.
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You can trust us to take care of all difficult passport application tasks.
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On your behalf, we will process your passport applications.
The only thing you need to do is visit a passport office with guided documents.

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THE Passport Agent in Basaveshwaranagar is run by MY DREAM UMRAH. Our mission is to be recognized in the industry as a leading Passport, Visa, Travel Package, Document Attestation, Umrah services provider.

Our business is centered on customer relationships, so we dedicate ourselves to providing outstanding Passport, Visa, Travel Package, Document Attestation, Umrah packages while working with transparency, honesty, and respect.

During MY DREAM UMRAH‘s improvement process, we make sure our staff has the training and tools they need to serve our clients as professionally as possible while pursuing this rewarding career path.

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Our Passport Agent in Basaveshwaranagar offers the following services:

We assist in the following cases when issuing passports:

  • Fresh Passport:Our consultants will assist you through all passport formalities if you are applying for your first passport.
  • Renewal/Reissue: Your passport can be renewed if it has expired, been lost, stolen, or damaged. Bro4u helps you renew your passport in Bangalore in no time by booking online.
  • Tatkal Passport: For faster passport processing at Passport Seva Kendra, choose this option when you have an urgent need for one.
  • Passport for Minor: For individuals under 18 years old, this is an option available for issuing passports.

Why do you need a Passport Agent in Basaveshwaranagar?

We offer a wide range of services customized to meet your needs.

  • We will handle your work while you relax.
  • Friendly, trained service specialists on hand to assist you.
  • Pay with cash, money order, or credit card? Your choice!

Who needs a Passport Agent in Basaveshwaranagar?

  • Every citizen who plans to travel abroad.
  • Passports are required even for infants to travel abroad by air.


  • After I apply for my passport, when will I receive it?

    After all the formalities are completed, you will receive your passport within 10 to 15 days.

  • Is there any online Passport Agent in Basaveshwaranagar that can help me obtain a tatkal passport?

    Yes, you can apply for a tatkal passport through Passport Agent in Basaveshwaranagar near you.

  • During the last two years, I have been living in a rented house. Do I qualify for a passport?

    A passport can be applied for at either a permanent or temporary address… However, you need to ask a Passport Agent in Basaveshwaranagar for details about the documents necessary in such a case.

  • I lost my passport. What do I do?

    In the event that your passport is lost, you will need to make an official complaint and apply for a new passport.

  • After applying online, do I need to go to the passport office?

    A Passport Agent in Basaveshwaranagar can help you with the application and registration process. In order to complete the remaining formalities, you must visit the nearest passport office on the scheduled date.

  • What documents am I required to provide during the passport application process?

    It is very important that you gather all the documents required to obtain a passport with the help of a Passport Agent in Basaveshwaranagar. The following documents are:
    The original of a birth certificate or school record
    Water bill, the electric bill, voter ID, ration card, telephone bill, copy of bank account statement are all acceptable proofs of residence.

  • What is the cost of getting a passport?

    A new 36-page passport application with a 10-year validity costs Rs. 1,500; fees vary for different types of passports and applications.

  • How can my Passport Agent in Basaveshwaranagar help me with my passport?

    The following services can be obtained from a Passport Agent in Basaveshwaranagar:
    Getting a passport- If you are applying for your first passport, a Passport Agent in Basaveshwaranagar can assist you with the process.
    For Obtaining A Renewal of Passport: If you have previously held one, no matter how long ago.
    If you change your personal information, you can reapply for your passport
    1. Update of personal information
    2. Pages exhaustion
    3. Validity expired three years ago
    4. Loss or damage to passport

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