Tatkaal Passport: Instant Passport in One Day

Tatkaal passports are especially useful in emergencies, especially when you need to travel abroad urgently. A passport is required if you want to enter another country. The passport is required for tourists, students, employees, business people, and those seeking medical treatment or visiting relatives. Passport holders may also use their passports to prove their identity and address to access various government and private services.

What is a Tatkal passport?

Two types of passport applications are available: ordinary and Tatkaal. It is a lengthy and exhausting process to apply for an ordinary passport. To allow for quick passport issuance, MEA has instituted a ‘Tatkal Scheme’. A passport can be issued under this scheme in a couple of days for individuals who want to travel abroad urgently.

If the applicant does not want to rush through the application process and wants to complete the standard application process, a regular passport application might be the most suitable option. In the case of a sudden foreign trip, a Tatkal scheme may be of assistance. It allows passport applications to be reviewed more quickly. As a result, passports can be obtained faster.

How to apply for a Tatkal Passport?

Tatkal passport applications can be filed online through Passport Seva or the Passport Seva app. Please follow these steps to get your passport:  

  • Register at https://passportindian.gov.in
  • By using your ID and password, you can log in after being registered.
  • Both Fresh Passport and Reissue options can be found there.
  • Select one of them. 
  • For the scheme type, select Tatkaal.
  • Submit your application.
  • Once you have completed the form, submit it online.
  • Then click on ‘Pay and Schedule Appointment’ and then click on ‘View saved/submitted applications’ to schedule an appointment.
  • Proceed to pay.
  • To print out a copy of the receipt that contains the ARN, click on the ‘Print Application Receipt’ link.
  • Make an appointment at a PSK (PSK) near you
  • On the appointment date, bring the original documents with you to Passport Seva Kendra or Regional Passport Office (RPO).

Payment methods

In order to pay for Tatkal passport applications, you can use one of the following methods:

  • Debit/credit cards
  • Via online banking
  • Or SBI Challan

Who can apply for a Tatkal passport?

An applicant’s Tatkal passport is issued by the concerned passport office based on urgency and other factors. Tatkal passports are not available to everyone.

Applicants who come under the below-given list are not eligible for a passport under the tatkaal scheme.

  1. Someone who has been deported to India from another country
  2. Lost or stolen passport holders
  3. The government of India pays for the cost of a person’s repatriation from another country.
  4. If a change of name
  5. Someone who has won Indian citizenship through naturalization or registration
  6. For Naga residents
  7. Signature Change in Passport
  8. From Nagaland residing outside of Nagaland
  9. Jammu & Kashmir residents
  10. Minors who live in Nagaland
  11. Born in another country to Indian parents
  12. A minor child who has a single parent
  13. Renewal of Short passport validity seeker
  14. Damage passport holders
  15. Change of sex applicants

The following documents are required for Tatkal passport applications

To obtain a Tatkal passport, you need the following documents:

  • Select 3 documents from the list below:
    1. An election card
    2. A Service Photo ID Card
    3. A Certificate of SC/ST/OBC
    4. An Identity card of Freedom Fighters
    5. An Arms License
    6. A Ration card
    7. A Property document
    8. A Pension documents
    9. A Railway Photo Identity card
    10. Pan Card
    11. A bank passbook
    12. A Student’s ID card
    13. A Driving license
    14. A Birth certificate
    15. A Gas bill

Tatkaal passport dispensation time 

In this scheme, time is the most important factor. Tatkal passport applications are designed to speed up the application process and facilitate quick passport verification. When the applicant submits the required documents and the required application at the Passport Seva Kendra, he or she receives the passport within 1-3 days.

As a result of this scheme, applicants are given early appointments and the application is processed quickly after being placed in a separate print queue. Upon submittal of the application, the passport can be dispatched within one working day if the applicant’s police verification status is not required.


Who can obtain a Tatkal passport

t is up to the jurisdictional passport office to decide whether or not to issue Tatkal passports. As per this policy, passports will only be issued to applicants whose passport applications have compelling reasons and are urgent in nature.

What is the Tatkal scheme for residents of Jammu and Kashmir?

Jammu and Kashmir residents are not eligible for Tatkal passports.

What are the requirements for applying for a passport for my minor child under the Tatkal scheme?

Tatkal allows eligible minors to apply for passports as well. Minimal documentation requirements apply to minor applicants.