Single Parent: How to apply for a minor passport?

Can a single parent apply for a minor’s passport? In certain special cases, a minor with a single parent is required to have a passport. In order not to leave them without a passport, the Indian government has made special provisions for them. Here are some of them:

  • The Ministry of External Affairs recently amended its policy regarding the removal of father/mother names from minor passports when under single-parent custody. Minors will now have the option of providing the names of either their father or mother or a legal guardian. In order to obtain a passport, they do not need to mention both of their parent’s names.
  • In the case of a separated couple in court, a parent who needs to apply for a child’s passport may ask the court for permission without asking the other parent. As an alternative, you can provide a valid reason in Annexure-C.

If the minor is to stay with one of the parents working or living abroad, he or she must have a passport.

  • An exclusive custody arrangement applies when one parent has custody of a child and the other parent does not have visitation rights: in this event, the child is placed in the custody of one parent, while the other parent does not have visitation rights. In this case, the other parent does not need to consent. The single parent must either sign the certified copy of the court order or submit Annexure C.
  • An unmarried parent separated from his or her spouse without getting a divorce. An annexure C forms a declaration form that can be submitted by the parent who has custody.
  • Obtaining a declaration for an unmarried mother’s child: Whether or not the father of the child is known to the mother, they can obtain a declaration in Annexure C or D. The children may have been victims of crimes such as sexual assault. If you don’t know the father’s name, leave it blank.
  • In the case of children born outside of marriage, the biological parents of the child are required to sign Annexure D as part of the passport application process. Biological parents are in this case required to acknowledge that their child is theirs and confirm that their marriage is not legally recorded.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it legal for a mother to apply for a child’s passport without the consent of the father?
  • When a mother has sole custody of a child, she can apply for their passport without their father’s consent. To prove sole custody, you should submit some strong evidence.

  • Who signs the passport for a minor?
  • Passport applications for minors must be signed by both parents. For a single parent, however, both signatures are not required.

  • What can I do to obtain my 7-month-old’s passport?
  • For a 7-month-old, the passport process is the same. However, there are different documents needed. These are: Child Birth certificate, Present Address Proof, a Passport photo of the baby on white background, Appointment receipt, Parents Certificate of Marriage, Annexure H