Covid: The Safest Way to get a passport via passport Agent

Although the lockdown has been lifted in many places around the country, Indians are still concerned about how to apply for passports following safety norms. India is experiencing a crisis in terms of citizens needing a passport to travel abroad for study, a job, or a casual trip. However, they cannot figure out how to get one safely.

It is now very easy to apply for a passport online safely since everything can be done online in just a few simple steps. Online Passport agents are available 24 hours a day to guide you through the process of applying for a passport. They can find one quickly.

During COVID times, here are some of the ways that Passport Agents assist you:

Find a trustworthy passport agent online:

In order to obtain a passport, one must find a reliable and competent passport agent. By navigating to their website, social media pages, customer reviews, and checking out their customer testimonials, you should do a thorough investigation of the available passport agencies. Following your selection of a passport agency, you can begin the application process.

It is easy to find the contact details of passport agents online or directly on their websites. You can call them whenever it is convenient for you. Some passport agencies offer live chat services so they can also answer your questions without having to call.

Tell them what you need:

Identify what kind of passport you need as soon as you contact the right passport service provider. Additionally, inform them of any other changes that need to be made to their name, address, DOB, or spouse name.

You will receive consultation from these Passport agents about how to proceed with your details according to your specific needs.

Follow their instructions at every step:

Providing each agent with your details and valid proofs will enable them to process your passport application and fix your appointment at the closest PSK (Passport Seva Kendra) / POPSK (Post office Passport Seva Kendra).

Your passport application fee will depend on your Passport requirements and delivery method. Depending on where you live, you may also have to pay different fees.

Visit Passport Office during appointment slot:

You will need to complete the offline verification process at the passport office after submitting the passport application online.

This includes verification of proof documents by Passport Officials and taking your biometrics. There is no exception to this offline process currently and you have to visit the Passport office at least once. As a result, all Passport offices in the country are following all safety protocols and instructing applicants to follow the guidelines at their offices.

As such, you do not need to be afraid of visiting our offices to complete the offline process. If due to some issue, you’re unable to visit the Passport office on the allotted slot, then inform your Passport agents without much delay. This will enable them to arrange a second appointment.

The greater advantage here with the passport agents is that they keep tracking your file status from time to time until the passport is delivered to you. Hence you can just sit back at home and relax without any tension.

You have to wait until your passport arrives:

Your passport file gets verified by other officials shortly after you finish your appointment. From there, the file is forwarded to Police verification or direct dispatch.

The police officer will provide details about the police verification and the timing. The Passport Office will send you a message when the passport will be delivered to you in case of direct dispatch.

Your mobile number and email address must be active when you apply for a passport. Until you receive your passport, you will be contacted with this number and email address.

Thus, passport agents make it easy for anyone in any part of the country to obtain a passport. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for a passport right now. In addition to helping applicants in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai, we provide our services in other cities as well.