How do I fill out a passport application form?

Filling out a passport application form is the first step towards getting your passport made. This form requires you to provide all the information for your passport. It should be noted that passport application forms are read by machines. If you are filling out the form offline, you should ensure you fill it out correctly and not commit mistakes. It is a crime to provide incorrect or misleading information.

A passport can be obtained by completing an application. Applications for passports can be filled out online as well as offline.

To apply for a passport online, go to the Passport Seva Portal at The form can be filled out and submitted immediately. An e-form can also be downloaded and filled out offline. The link can be updated later.

The passport application can be filled out offline, either by downloading it, printing it, or manually writing it out. You can also visit a passport center to pick up a form and fill it out in person.

How do I submit the Indian passport application form?

There are two ways to submit a passport application. The online form can be filled out online and the offline form can be printed. E-form can be submitted on the Passport Seva portal and print forms can be dropped off at the near passport Seva Kendra.

Rules for filling a passport application form offline.

Frequently asked questions

How can I download my passport application form?

You are required to go to the Passport Seva Kendra or the Regional Post Office and carry the desired documents along. On the home page, click “Download E-form” to download the form.

Is it possible to access my passport online?

All the information related to a passport can be obtained from the mobile app mPassport Seva. It includes information about the steps involved in the making of the passport, fee structure, documents required, and other related data.

The passport application form can be printed out?

Yes, you can print out your passport application form and fill it in.

For an online passport application, you can access the Passport Application Wizard.

Each box should contain one letter. Complete the form in capital letters.

Avoid using fancy fonts and stick to ordinary ones.

Only a blue or black ballpoint pen, not an ink pen.

If you must choose one or more options, cross the boxes you must choose and leave the other box(es) blank. Do not mark with a dot or a tick.

While writing, stay away from the box’s edges.

After you’ve finished writing each word, leave one box vacant.

Outside the box, don’t write anything.

Don’t overwrite anything. If you make a mistake, simply strike out the character and continue typing in the text box.

Fill in only the information that is requested, leaving the rest blank.

Don’t strike out or mark as NA any fields that don’t apply to you.

Make sure the form is not folded, smeared, or dirty.

How to Renew Your Indian Passport.

As a result of COVID-19, passport operations are also affected. Passport processes take longer than usual.

1. While filling a form, choose renewal in the passport application.

2. Submit an old passport with proof of address.

3. If you wish to include the name of your spouse, you must submit a marriage certificate.

How to get an Indian Passport Quickly

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