Tatkal Passport: Learn everything you need to know about getting your passport in just 1 day.

Getting your passport is often an annoyance – the wait, the lines, the formalities of applying can all leave you feeling like you’re pulling teeth. But even before you start thinking about any of that, there are some things you need to know first. Find out more in this blog post!

The Tatkal Passport Scheme is a new initiative by the Indian government to make it easier for citizens of India to apply for passports. It was introduced in 2010 and it has been renewed every year since then. Get the information you need to start this process today!

Tatkal Passport is a process for obtaining an expedited passport, but only when the applicant meets certain eligibility requirements. You might need this passport to travel in time for an important event, or if your regular passport has been lost or stolen. However you know you need a Tatkal Passport, it’s best to start the application process as soon as possible.

Why wait months to get a passport when you can get it in just one day? Our blog will teach you all about the Tatkal Passport and how easy it is to sign up for the service.

What is Tatkal Passport?

Tatkal passports are the same as normal passports, but they are processed relatively quickly. By submitting a tatkal application, you avoid the usually lengthy passport application process. Additionally, you will be able to obtain a passport in a few days, as the process is simplified.

Where can I find more information about it, how it works, and how much it costs? All the information about the Tatkal passport has been provided in this article.

Take time to read on!

How to apply for Tatkaal Passport?

  • Let’s look at the steps involved.
  • Go to Passport Seva’s website to register.
  • Using your ID and password, log into your account on the portal after creating one
  • There are two options available to you: Fresh and Re-Issue. Select the appropriate option
  • Fill out the scheme type application form for Tatkaal by selecting the ‘Tatkaal’ option
  • then submit the online form
  • and complete the payment process
  • Online payment receipt to print
  • Schedule an appointment and visit the Passport Service Kendra nearby.


Applicants are asked to download and complete the application form, including details such as name, employment type, and family information.

A completed application must be submitted online and payment must be made online.

To obtain a passport, you need to take the receipt to your local Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) with the relevant documents.

Fees for Tatkal Passports (Payments)

The following are the fees and payment procedures for Tatkaal passports:

Fee for Tatkaal passports:

Passports (20 pages) with full validity of 10 years (including minors between 15 and 18 years of age who wish to obtain a passport with full validity of 10 years). 3500 rupees.

10-year passport with 60 pages. 4,000 rupees.

Minor Passport under the age of 15 yrs-10 years validity-3,000 rupees.

If the original passport is lost, damaged, or stolen, make a duplicate with 36 pages. 5,000 rupees.

For a lost, stolen or damaged passport, make a duplicate of 60 pages. 5500 rupees.

Documentation of clearance from the police/ECNR/Additional endorsements. Not required.

For changing addresses, names, dates of birth, places of birth, appearance, names of spouses, names of parents/legal guardian, deleting ECRs, or changing personal information (36 pages) (Ten years validity) 3,500 Rupees

The fee is Rs.4,000 if you change your name, address, date of birth, place of birth, appearance, spouse’s name, and the name of your parents/legal guardian (10 years validity).

The following fees will be charged for the change of address, name, date of birth, place of birth, appearance, and the parent or legal guardian’s name (36 pages): Rs.3,000

Modes of Payment of Tatkal Fees.

Passport payments can be made online in three different ways.

Using a credit card or debit card

via internet banking

or paying by an SBI challan.

Eligibility for Tatkal Scheme

A passport is issued at the discretion of the local passport office under this scheme. The urgency of the application would be taken into consideration along with other compelling factors. Passport applications/reapplications of those listed below cannot be accepted under the Tatkaal scheme.

  • Individuals born outside India to Indian parents (Indian descent).
  • Citizens of India who have gained citizenship through naturalization/registration
  • Deportees from other countries who have naturalized or registered in India
  • Applicants who were repatriated from another country at the cost of the government
  • Major Name Change
  • Jammu and Kashmir residents and Nagaland residents
  • Living outside Nagaland who is of Naga origin
  • Children adopted by Indians and foreigners
  • Minors with single parents
  • Nagaland minors childrens.
  • Renewing passports with short validity.
  • Passports lost or stolen. Reapplication.
  • Request for a new passport due to a damaged passport.
  • A change in appearance or sex
  • A change in personal information

Tatkal passport required documents

  • To apply for the Tatkal Passport, you will need the following documents:
  • A valid verification certificate, as listed in Annexure F
  • Among the following three documents:
  • An election card
  • an official Service photo ID
  • SC, ST, and OBC Certificates.
  • Freedom Fighters’ identification cards
  • Arms licenses and permits
  • Government Ration card
  • A Property documents
  • A Pension documents
  • A Railway Photo Identity card
  • A PAN card issued by the Income Tax Department
  • A Bank passbook
  • A Student’s Id card from a recognized institution
  • A Driving license
  • A Birth certificate
  • A Gas connection bill

Get your passport after filing your paperwork within 24 hours

You need a passport to enter another country. Tourists, students, employees, business travelers, doctors, and family members will need their passports when traveling abroad. Additionally, passport holders can use their passports as official documents in the form of identification and address proofs to receive a variety of public and private services. Getting a Tatkal passport is your best option if you are traveling abroad urgently and need a passport right away.


Who can apply for a Tatkal passport?

A passport may be issued under the Tatkal scheme at the discretion of the jurisdictional passport office. An applicant’s urgency and other compelling reasons might determine whether they are granted a passport under this scheme.

Under the Tatkal scheme, is it possible to obtain a passport for a resident of Jammu and Kashmir?

It is not possible to obtain a Tatkal passport for residents of Jammu and Kashmir.

Is my minor child eligible to apply under the Tatkal scheme?

Under Tatkal, minors can also apply for passports. The documents required for minor applicants differ.

Does the Tatkal passport fee calculator exist online?

The fee calculator on the official website can help you calculate the Indian passport tatkal fees.
Using the fee calculator on the official website, you can find out how much the Indian passport tatkal fees are.

An official gazetted certificate of verification is required for Tatkal passports?

No, a verification certificate is not required to obtain a tatkal passport, it is sufficient to present three documents from the listed documents.

How Long Do Tatkal Passports Take?

If your application has been granted with a status of “Granted”, your Tatkal passport will be dispatched within three working days. Also, the police verification is included in this date, but the application submission date is excluded.
An applicant who does not require police verification can also receive a passport within one working day after applying.

Normal vs. Tatkal Passport: What Are the Differences?

Here are some key differences between the two, based on their processing times:

An average passport application takes 30 to 45 business days to be processed.

A Tatkal passport usually takes 1 working day to process without police verification. For Tatkal passports that require police verification, it may take a third working day after the application date, excluding the day the application was made.

A tatkal application, on the other hand, requires the payment of additional fees if you wish to apply for a new passport or reissue an existing one.

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